Lab alumni


Dr. Olivia Cope (2020-2021)

Currently an assistant professor at Whitworth University (website)

Dr. Andrea Glassmire (2017-2021)

Currently a postdoctoral researcher at Louisiana State University (website)

Dr. Moria Robinson (2018-2021)

Currently a postdoctoral researcher at Georgia Tech (website)

Graduate students

Kayleigh C. Hauri, MS student (graduated 2020)

Currently a PhD student in the Vegetable Entomology Lab at MSU (Profile about Kayleigh and her research)

Joshua Snook, MS student (graduated 2020)

Currently a researcher at Louisiana State University

Research technicians and undergraduates

Beth Ann Hansen, NSF REU Student

Currently a PhD student in the Bronstein Lab at the University of Arizona working on insect oviposition behavior, sticky plants, and trophic interactions.

Wissam Jawad, undergraduate researcher and technician

Currently a MS student in Biological Sciences at Louisiana State University in the Kelly Lab

Grace Avalos, NSF REU Student

Grace worked with Elizeth Cinto Mejia studying the impacts of extreme weather events on ecosystems and plant-herbivore-predator interactions. Currently she is a PhD student at the University of Maryland. She is interested in climate change, plant-insect interactions, and food webs.

Sydney Jackson, undergraduate researcher

Sydney currently works for the Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT) as a Conservation and Herbarium Digitization Technician. She works with the Texas Department of Transportation and Tarleton State University to generate models that identify the locations of native, globally imperiled plant species’ habitats in the state of Texas.

Annie Levardsen, undergraduate research and technician

Currently working for AmeriCorps on urban farming in Lansing, MI

Kelsey Doud, KBS Undergraduate Research Apprentice Student

Currently a research technician at the University of Texas

Anna Jullie, undergraduate researcher

Anna is a MS student in Conservation and Restoration Science at the University of California-Irvine. She worked in the lab with Andrea Glassmire studying how plant volatiles impact insect herbivory.

Emily Mall, undergraduate researcher

Currently Emily is a Water Quality Intern at Reef Relief, a coral conservation and educational organization in Key West, Florida. She’s educating the public about protecting our coral reef systems and conducting water quality assessments at stormwater outfall pipes.

Annie Benson, undergraduate researcher

Currently a research technician at the Rodale Institute.

Grace Nagle, undergraduate researcher

Grace recently completed a masters on “Effect of climate and thinning on bark beetle–tree mortality patterns” in the Insect Ecology and Management Lab at Northern Arizona University.

Kalin Bayes, undergraduate researcher and technician

Currently studying axanthic frogs as part of a joint research project with the Womack Lab at Utah State University and the Bell Lab at the California Academy of Sciences

Torel Beard, undergraduate researcher

Currently a Lab Technician in the Brandizzi Lab in the Plant Research Laboratory at Michigan State

Nana Britwum, NSF REU Student

Currently a MS student at the University of Michigan in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

Megan Frick, undergraduate researcher

After graduating, Megan worked as a technician in the Roth Lab at MSU on a project to eradicate an invasive species, red swamp crayfish, from Michigan waters. Currently, she is searching for a position in marine biology and investigating schools for a Master’s degree.

Brendan Randall, undergraduate researcher

Currently a PhD student at the University of Maryland

Haley Dole, undergraduate researcher and research technician

Currently a researcher at Archbold Biological Station, Florida